In dreams we enter a world thats entirely our own. - invisible

In dreams we enter a world thats entirely our own.



pretty sure i was lucid dreaming this morning. i “woke up” and checked the time on my cell, but i couldnt read the time and then i noticed that my hands were invisible! I could use them, but i couldn’t see them. So i told myself to close my eyes and wait for them to appear again. So i closed my eyes and thought really hard about making them show up again. And while my eyes were closed i had a thought of… what if im dreaming… i think im dreaming…this can’t be real. I opened my eyes again and my hands were still invisible. I had arms, but no hands, just a wrist. I clapped my invisible hands together, i could feel them. So i closed my eyes again and waited some more. I didn’t freak out, I didn’t feel like it wasn’t normal, for some reason i knew they’d come back if i just closed my eyes again. 

Not long, maybe even milliseconds, after closing my eyes the second time i literally felt my body wake up. Like, I remember my limbs become mobile again and my brain sort of came out of a fog. I really woke up and immediately looked at my hands. They were there. They were real. I was really awake. My cell hadn’t been moved, so I guess i never really wanted to know what time it was. Haha.

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